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Update from The Lodge

The spoilers are few but the scoopers are many. Despite our ears on high alert, not much information about upcoming shows is flowing, but I do have some tidbits of fun info.

If Carly and Liz were drowning, which one would Jason save? Steve Burton had to think about it for a couple minutes and finally replied, “Sometimes Jason wants to throw Carly off a cliff.”

Steve Burton has an amazing capacity for remembering names and faces.

Bradford Anderson can do the Where The Hell is Matt dance. If you don’t know about Matt, you can see him at www.WhereTheHellIsMatt.com.

I’m sure it’s all over the ‘net by now that Spinelli’s fantasies come true with Maxie on Tuesday.

The sadness that Lindze Letherman was leaving is what fueled the feelings behind both Bradford Anderson and Kirsten Storms during Maxie’s funeral.

Peter Billingsley, friend of Nazanin Boniado (Leyla), came to her event and offered the following information if you are a movie buff.
- There will be an Iron Man 2, due out in 2010
- The Avengers will follow Iron Man 2 in 2011

Peter Billingsley is hot. I wish he was on a soap.

Whether or not you enjoyed Dylan Cash as Michael, I’d like to note that he’s an extremely nice young man and I hope his career continues successfully.

Jay Pickett isn’t just a pretty face on the PCPD. Oh no, he’s a spectacularly gorgeous face and body in real life.

The breakout success of the weekend so far has to be Carolyn Hennessey. She’s exquisite in person and personality. Great with fans and we want to be her when we grow up.

Much ado has been made about the antics of Jack. More to come but remember – what happens at the Sportsman’s Lodge stays at the Sportsman’s Lodge.

News Flash: John J. York’s ass continues to inspire prose every time it goes by.

Steve Burton arrived first for the Kick Off party, stayed until the juicy end and signed every picture presented to him. (Viva la Mona Vie!!!!)

We are hearing comments far and wide regarding the half assed refurbishing of the Sportsman’s Lodge. Jack has been all over the place getting the story. Details to follow.

Kelly Monaco appeared at Greg Vaughan’s event in a gorgeous yellow dress. She looked like sunshine.

Greg Vaughan attended the kick off event with a baby on his hip.

Reign Morton appeared bemused by all the attention at the kick off party. Steve Burton advised him to enjoy and leave when he felt like it.

Kathy has officially pissed off a fan and been told about it. Twice. She’s debating on whether or not to worry about it since forgiveness is slow in making an appearance.

Diego Serricchio still has “it”. He looks good, sounds good and gives great hugs.

Nazanin was really tipsy in her drunk scenes. Since she’d never been drunk before she decided to go for reality and knock back a few before the scene. Just for authenticity, you understand. Not so much that she forgot her lines, but enough that when she stumbled, it was really a stumble.

Kirsten Storms said the hardest part of doing the scenes with Josh Duhon when he attacked her were the 4 inch heels wardrobe insisted she wear.




Great news about JJY's ass- nice to know its remained as firm as my adoration for it. (A picture would be nice ladies. Just saying)

It must be the fan's fault because I cannot imagine Kathy pissing anyone off. And even if she did piss someone off she would do it graciously.

Cannot wait to read more!


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