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Kate Does the GH & OLTL Spoilers


Kathy and Carolyn are busy stalking Jason Thompson representing EOS at the GHFCW. That is why I am (inadequately) filling in for them this week. Have no fear, they will be back next week!


One Life to Live

In court, Todd and Cole team up against Starr.

I’d suggest we take a drink each time Todd or Cole says either “my kid” or “my blood” but we’d be smashed before the second commercial break. I am counting the days (weeks? months?) until Cole founds out his new BFF is holding his mother hostage.

Madame Delphina gives Rex some advice.

“If you look where your seeds were sown, you’ll see the results almost fully grown. You are a PI, Rex. Get a clue.” In reality, she gives Rex a warning for Bo.  

Talia stops Antonio from killing her Daddy Dearest.

Thank goodness, given that Carlo is the most interesting person in Mendorra.

Michael goes to his brother for marital advice.

“OK, Mikey, my advice is this: write yourself a prescription for Viagra.” Riddle me this, why would anyone go to John for relationship advice?

Over at the courthouse Starr and Marcie make faces at face Todd and Cole.

Glad Marcie is there to make sure things run smoothly, aren’t you?

Turns out that Cole’s permission is needed before any adoption can take place. Starr is seriously bummed.

If Cole and Starr had given half as much thought to contraception as they are to custody, they wouldn’t be in this mess.

Langston tries to come up a plan to blackmail David Vickers.

Why would anyone want to blackmail a dog?

Tess plans to serve poisoned risotto to Natalie and Jared.

Luckily for them, Jared and Natalie are on a no-carb diet.

Lightning strikes Bo and Rex.

Just to make it clear, that’s electrical lightning, not the “oh, my goodness why have I never noticed how handsome you are until now?” lightning.

Viki winds up in the wrong place (Natalie’s car) at the wrong time (right after Tess cuts the brake lines).

Tess is one clever little alter isn’t she? Not as clever as Jean Randolph, but clever nonetheless.

Carlo reveals his evil plans.

Has Carlo ever had plans that were not evil?

Clint and Nora decide to attack a defenseless Dorian.

If ever there were two words that do not go together, it’s “Dorian” and “defenseless.”

General Hospital

Spinelli confronts Maxie.

This could be interesting. A confrontation where the confronted person continually asks, “What do you mean?”

Maxie and Spinelli get “intimate.” Jason walks in. Hilarity ensues.

Actually, I will be  smiling during this scene. Jason does “bemused” so well.

Jax and Carly work out a deal.

Jax will do everything Carly wants. In exchange, Carly will continue to do everything she wants to do. That’s life in Carly-land.

Lulu wants Johnny to run away with her.

This is the best idea Lulu has had in, well, ever. She can return once she has outgrown her perpetual smugness.

Jerry pushes Mac too far.

Oh no, I hope this doesn’t mean the defenestration of Mac.

Jax cannot tolerate Carly’s meddling.

That makes two of us, Jax.

Sonny meets with Karpov.

Well, I guess we can stop our endless worrying about Port Charles experiencing a mobster shortage, can’t we?

Anna is reunited with Eli Love.

Oh goody, a chance to see the twitteringgushingfangirl Anna. We can never get too much of that, now can we?

Anna and Robin share a mother/daughter moment.

“Oh, Robin, do you think Eli likes me? I mean really, really likes me?”




Actually, defenestration involves the closing of an existing opening, and although I suspect you would like Mac even if he couldn't talk (we won't imagine the closure of anything else for now in case we frighten Sage), I agree that his possible fenestration would indeed be regrettable!


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